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Course Planning

Plan your schedule and get notifications when spots open up.


Select your courses. Print an enrollment worksheet or sync with Google Calendar. By Naphat Sanguansin '16, Dyland Xue '16, and Maxim Zaslavsky '17.


Recieve text or email notifications when free spots open up in classes. By Jeremy Cohen '16 and Zach Koerbel '16.


Signup for Wintersession classes.


Find students on campus.


A unified directory of Princeton undergraduates. By Hansen Qian '16, Ivo Crnkovic-Rubsamen '15, Rohan Sharma '14, and Adam Libresco '19.

Campus Life

Find clubs, trade goods, and come prepared for Room Draw.

Student Room Guide

Search rooms and floor plans. By Ben Parks '17.


Trade goods. By Clay Bavor '05 and Rodrigo Menezes '13.

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