Check out the Pursuit of Mappyness for an easy way to map out campus events, dining hall menus, and nearby laundry machines and printers.


The TigerApps are a suite of student-built, student-maintained apps built over the years, and designed to improve your campus experience. Our aim is to be a central portal for campus information. Please click around and see what we have to offer!

The apps listed on this page are managed and maintained by the Princeton USG IT Committee. If you have any questions or comments, or are even interested in joining, please contact us!

Integrated Course Engine

ICE is a user-friendy, aesthetically pleasing interface through which Princeton students can have an easy course shopping experience. No more week long attempts at hopefully producing a correct schedule with multiple tabs and scraps of paper.

The original Integrated Course Engine was a term project for COS333 back in 2008, put together by a tight bunch of sophomores: Dan Huang (ELE), Yoonju Kim (MAT), Alan Chin (MAT), Becker Polverini (COS) and Gyeong-Sik Choi (ELE). Even though ICE 1.0 was a ground-breaking course shopping tool in itself that gained extreme popularity amongst a small group of friends, it was never designed to be maintainable and due to the Registrar's timely update of SCORE, on which ICE heavily relied, ICE was left abandoned for almost 2 years. In the fall of 2009, Gyeong-Sik decided to take another shot at ICE as his senior independent work. ICE's server-side was completely re-written to improve maintainability and scalability and the GUI received a few new features, too. In addition, a recommendation engine for suggesting popular distribution requirement courses that fit your schedule was put in place to further improve the course shopping experience of Princeton students.

More info about ICE!

Link to Integrated Course Engine (ICE)

Princeton Textbook Exchange

Buy and sell textbooks to Princeton students! With PTX, finding and getting rid of those annoying books is easier than ever. PTX is a great way to find cheap textbooks and sell your used textbooks - thousands of books ranging from course books to test review books are listed on the PTX. The best thing is that your sellers and customers are all Princeton students, meaning it's easy to meet up, inspect the textbook, and get paid in cash!

PTX was built by E. Domb, K. Klosterman, J. Weiss, and D. Zhang in 2009. Its design was crafted by Trinston.

Link to Princeton Textbook Exchange (PTX)

Princeton Pounce

Recieve text or email notifications when free spots open up in classes.

Createdy by Jeremy Cohen '16 and Zach Koerbel '16.

Link to Princeton Pounce (Pounce)

Student Course Guide

The Student Course Guide has been retired. We're bringing in 2 new tigerapps though to take it's place. Introducting easyPCE and CAT!

Link to Student Course Guide (SCG)

Pursuit of Mappyness

The Pursuit of Mappyness (POM) is an interactive campus map on which many different layers of information can be displayed. With 1 site, you can view information about campus events, dining hall menus, printer statuses, laundry machine statuses, and building locations. We hope to release the site by December 2012!

POM was developed in Spring 2012 by Josh Chen '14, John McSpedon '14, Nader Al-Naji '14, Ben Grange '14, and Lawrence Diao '14 as a final project for COS 333, taught by Prof. Brian Kernighan. POM was further polished by the 2012 USG IT Committee.

Link to Pursuit of Mappyness (POM)

Student Events Calendar

Princeton's Events Calendar is a central listing of events relevant to all Princeton students on campus. Visit the site to browse shows, talks, public classes, open club meetings, career fairs, religious events -- the list goes on! If you're organizing an event for your group, the Events Calendar makes it easy for you to list and advertise your event to the entire school as well!

The Events Calendar offers easy ways to sort events by topic and by feature (free food, anybody?). Events listed also feature seamless Google Calendar and iCal integration, as well as buttons to RSVP and invite your friends.

The Events Calendar was custom-built for the Princeton University community by Ethan Goldstein, Samantha Hantman, Dana Hoffman, Adriana Susnea, and Michael Yaroshefsky. The site was designed by Trinston.

Link to Student Events Calendar (Cal)


TigerTrade makes it easy for members of the Princeton University community to buy, sell, and exchange "stuff". You can offer items for sale, rent, or exchange, and you can also list items you're looking to buy. There's many ways to join in by listing your first item - try it out now!

TigerTrade was developed in 2011 by Rodrigo Menezes '13, USG IT Chair.

Link to TigerTrade


Good news - you can receive discounts at restaurants and shops in Princeton with just your TigerCard (prox)! TigerDeals lists discounts offered weekly AND throughout the year by merchants on Nassau and throughout the town. Visit the site to view these deals, as well as to subscribe to the TigerDeals mailing list.

TigerDeals is the result of hard work by the USG Campus and Community Affairs Committee (Carmina Mancenon ’14, Blaire Bloxom ’14, Caroline Hanamirian ’13, Austin Jackson ’15, Will Palmer ’15, and Katherine Wolff ’15) and Carla Javier '15 on the USG Senate. We hope you enjoy the discounts!

Link to TigerDeals

USG DVD Rentals

Want to watch a movie, but don't have the disc? The USG has a huge stash of DVDs available for free rental!

The USG DVDs website is a 2011 project of the USG. It was developed by Rodrigo Menezes '13, and designed by Rodrigo and Ed Kelley '13.

Link to USG DVD Rentals

Student Room Guide

The new Student Room Guide offers you an easy way to search for your next year's dorm rooms. All rooms for each draw group (6 Res Colleges, Upperclass, Independent) are mapped onto a map of campus, and by clicking on a building you can view all the floor plans for each of its floors. You can add rooms to a "room queue" that you can share with your friends, and be alerted when a room is taken by e-mail or text message.

The improved Student Room Guide was developed in Spring 2012 by Joshua Giles '13, Willa Chen '13, Lily Healey '13, Kevin Mantel '13, and John O'Neill '13 as a final project for COS 333, taught by Prof. Brian Kernighan.

Link to Student Room Guide

Prospect Avenue Map

The Prospect Avenue Map is a joint effort by the USG and the ICC to make the 'Street' more accessible to undergrads. Before going out to the Street for a night, check out what's open on PAM! Many clubs list their events, as well as whether they're on PUID or pass or list, here on the site.

Developed by: Rodrigo Menezes '13 Designed by: Andy Martens '13 and Rodrigo Menezes '13 Thanks to: Benedict Wagstaff '14, Jake Sally '12, Riley Thomasson '14, Mars Jullian '13

Link to Prospect Avenue Map (PAM)

Campus Community Challenge

The Campus Community Challenge (3C) is a USG-sponsored civic-engagement initiative dedicated to promoting Princeton’s culture of service. Civic engagement is a way of life here on campus – find a way to get involved!

Visit the site to log your own service hours. Being signed up for 3C carries no responsibilities or obligations – it just gives you the opportunity to keep track of your own service activities and to express the importance of service in your life by sporting 3C thank-yous like t-shirts and wristbands. Civic engagement is part of what it means to be at Princeton – wear it proudly!

The CCC web app was developed by Rodrigo Menezes '13 and Josh Chen '14. The site was designed by Erin Byrne '13.

Link to Campus Community Challenge (CCC)

USG Summer Storage

The USG sponsors a not-for-profit service to students each year through the USG Summer Storage Coalition (USSCo), offering cheap storage boxes that can be dropped off on campus in June, and picked up on campus in September. Registration happens in late April, so watch for the news!

This app was a April 2012 project of the USG IT Committee.  The website was developed by Josh Chen '14, Michael Franklin '13, Adam Suczewski '15, Eugene Lee '15, Gabriel Chen '14, and Vivian Qu '14, and the USG initiative was coordinated by Haebin Kim '13, Charles Guo '14, Alex Pretko '12, and Emilie Burke '15.

Link to USG Summer Storage

Join USG

Interested in joining the USG? Learn about our different positions and roles here!

Link to Join USG

USG/Class Elections

Planning on running for office? Post your candidate statement here!

The USG DVDs website was a 2011 project of the USG, and was developed by Rodrigo Menezes '13 and Ed Kelley.

Link to USG/Class Elections


Blackboard course Web sites are automatically built for every course, every semester, with input from the PeopleSoft Curriculum Management system, SCORE, the library's E-Reserves, the ID card office, and other University-wide digital systems, to provide comprehensive course-specific data in one convenient location. With Blackboard, the administrative burdens on faculty are dramatically reduced, since sites provide round-the-clock access to course materials, can be used to manage assignments and grades; support a broad range of information-exchange mechanisms; and facilitate student-student and student-faculty interaction. Over time, Blackboard course web sites become repositories of re-usable, re-purposable content.

Link to Blackboard


Princeton University's Student Course Online Registration Engine (SCORE) is a secure website where undergraduate and graduate students complete academic and enrollment functions, including the following:

  • Maintain Personal information
  • Sign in for the academic year
  • Enroll in courses, including adding, dropping, or swapping courses

Link to SCORE

ODUS Student Groups Portal

Built and maintained by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS), this portal contains links to:

  • Student Organization Directory
  • Student Organization Information Update
  • Reset Your Student Organization NetID Password & Request New NetID and ListServ
  • Banner Reservation Request Form
  • Banner Reservation Calendar
  • Register an Event

Link to ODUS Student Groups Portal

Student Activites Funding Portal

The Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE) is now accessible to undergraduates. SAFE provides a better and more efficient way to seek and apply for Princeton funding to support a variety of student activities, including:

  • senior thesis research, 
  • internships, 
  • junior papers and independent work, 
  • summer study abroad, 
  • individual student travel to conferences and other academic events.

Simply log on with your Princeton netid and password. You can begin looking by clicking on “search for funding.” After submitting some information, you will be matched with potential funders according to the funding criteria. You can return to SAFE as often as you like to see if new funding opportunities have become available. 

Link to Student Activites Funding Portal (SAFE)

Web Feed Registry

The Web Feed Registry is a website developed by the Princeton University Office of Information Technology where software developers can find Princeton University data in programming-friendly formats, such as XML and JSON. The University provides these data as a courtesy to software developers who can use these data feeds to implement applications that provide accurate and timely information to various university constituencies. Developers who are members of the university community may request that new data feeds be developed if none of the current data feeds meets their needs.

Link to Web Feed Registry

Your app..?

Want to develop a Princeton-related app, or have an app you think might be useful to students? The USG IT Committee is in charge of designing, developing, and maintaining the TigerApps. We're always looking for students interested in building apps for campus use, whether you have a great idea for an app you want to build yourself, or you want to join our team to work on active Web development projects in a group. However you approach it, campus app development is a great way to:

  • Contribute to a Web design and development project at any stage - from conceptualizing ideas on paper to scaling and launching apps on our production servers
  • Work with a team of dedicated, similar-minded Princeton students - it doesn't matter matter what your level of experience with Web development is, as long as you're eager to learn and write code
  • Build apps that have a ready audience from day 1 - thousands of students and community members use our apps
  • Give back to the Princeton community :)

If this interests you, please contact us!

We also have several resources to help you along:

  • TigerApps GitHub - the source code repository for all of our public work (for licensing details, please contact us)
  • OIT Web Feed Registry - the University's portal for accessing or requesting university data
  • Princeton Entrepreneurship Club - this amazing campus group hosts Web-developer-friendly events throughout the year, from hackathons to speaker series to hack classes

We hope we've gotten you hooked - thank you and good luck!